In our company, confidentiality, safety and care are important concepts. Social responsibility and being a good employer also mean that we deal with personal data and privacy according to the rules. You can read how we deal with this in this document. If you are of opinion that these rules are not properly stated or are not being followed, we urge you to contact Ducore Support.


We are Ducore Support part of the Ducore Group. We work according to privacy laws and regulations. We process your data confidentially, securely and carefully and respect your rights. In order to achieve the purpose for which personal data is processed, invasion of privacy is limited as much as possible. The infringement will not be disproportionate. The information is not kept for longer than necessary. We process personal data from our staff, our business relations and customers. In special cases, we will ask for your (free, specific, informed and unambiguous) permission for processing. Your consent will be recorded and preserved. In principle, you can revoke permission given.


We keep the personal data of our employees for as long as necessary in connection with the following topics, i.e. for the shortest possible time frame.


We keep the personal data of our relations and customers in connection with the following topics for as long as necessary, i.e. for the shortest possible time frame. In some cases, legal retention periods apply. For others, we use internal guidelines:


If you participate in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Yammer, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and so on, you should be familiar with the tools these sites provide to set up your personal data sharing preferences through your social media profile(s). When we process personal data in this context, we are also bound by this privacy policy.


We do not process special personal data such as information about health and membership of a trade union, unless with your consent or strictly within the limits of the law. – Medical information from employees – Incident warning system – BSN – Legal obligation.


We collect and process your information only for specific purposes, including: • Processing your order • The payment process • Sending order via transport company or PostNL • RMA goods What information we collect To meet the requests of delivering goods, you may be asked to provide the following information: • Your name • Your postal address • Your mailing address • Your delivery address • Your phone number • Your contact details


Ducore group collects personal information when you register with us or place an order in our sales system. When you register for the newsletter, your email address and your name will be used for Ducore group advertising purposes until you opt out of the newsletter. Opting out is possible at any time.


We make every effort to ensure your privacy. Our employees have a duty of confidentiality and only have access to information for the performance of their duties. Our computer network and building is secure for this purpose. In the event that, despite our security measures, personal data has been obtained from third parties without access rights, we will inform you directly, as well as the Data Protection Authority.


We use the services of other companies. That is our responsibility. We have concluded and will conclude processing agreements with these companies.


If you want information about our processing of your personal data, we will not give you this information until after a positive identification. You are then entitled to: – access to data we have recorded of you; – correction or removal; – object to certain methods of use. You can submit a request for access, correction, removal or objection to with a copy of your ID. We will respond within 2 weeks.