Supply and removal of computer systems
or complete roll-out projects

How do we work

As a Ducore Group, we provide various services through our support department. Just as we offer certified data removal with our Stealth and can use Environmental PC to take in hardware and use or dispose of it in a circular way. Ducore Support is happy to help you support your organization when you can use help. We can help you with a wide range of activities and services.


When you think about it for example, desk or home installations if you want to outsource over a longer period of time, or need extra capacity in the implementation of a short-running IT project, you can contact us. Whether it’s desktops and notebooks, or tablets and mobile phones, our professionals Will be available to you and we will try to blend into your processes as much as possible. This gives you the advantage of flexible people who are part of a well-trained team, with fixed points of contact.


Is your organization growing or are you moving and need your IT materials from desk to desk inside the same building or perhaps to another location, please contact us. Your IT equipment will be safely disconnected and rebuilt by Ducore Support in a professional way.


Do you need to empty a department, warehouse or location but have to deliver it safely? Then let us assist you. We can help you dispose of your hardware if necessary, and ensure that your data is carefully and demonstrably removed. At your location or in our secure facility. If you want to redeploy your hardware, no problem, even then we are there for you.


Do you need to be transferred to Windows 10 or does your Hardware need to be updated? ? Ducore Support is at your service. By using Ducore Support you have a whole team at your disposal, you can minimize your turnaround time and you have the flexibility to look at various solutions that best support and relieve your organization. For more of our services click here.

Together with you, we determine which of our employees are most suitable, we think it is important that someone fits within your organization. We work for the long term, so you will always see the same employee again.

Customer contact is our first priority,iSomeone that knows your organization . This person or persons can then assist you with the work within your company.